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  • Who we are at Tech Inoviq
    Who We Are
    Tech Inoviq Solutions provides comprehensive Temenos Transact and Infinity application support, including L1 and L2 support to guarantee the client’s business consistent growth and foster communication between clients and Temenos. The services are tightly focused on the resolution of error, compliance with SLAs, and technical excellence.
  • Our mission at Tech Inoviq
    Mission & Vision
    At Tech Inoviq Solutions, our mission is to help banks,financial institutions and Industries leverage technology to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

    We strive to provide innovative solutions that meet our clients' specific needs, while maintaining the highest standards of quality, security, and regulatory compliance.

9+Years’ Experience in


Global Locations
  • Our Approach at Tech Inoviq to create digital systems
    Our Approach
    Tech Inoviq provides a full range of services to support our clients, from insight on technology advances to product fit and selection and project implementations. The Tech Inoviq team consists of highly talented consultants who are technical specialists and subject matter experts, immersed in decades of industry experience. Tech Inoviq is committed to a high standard of excellence. Our team is comprised of hands-on specialists who take an interest in every project as part of our commitment to project success.
  • Wht Tech Inoviq
    The name itself, suggests three main strategies; Tech - (technology), Inov-(innovation) and IQ-(Intelligence). The company’s approach is to provide innovative solutions to the problems that our clients, all over the world face, by offering services like implementation, consultancy, and support to upgrade. The team has prior experience with Temenos products and has a deep understanding of how local approaches and insights can shape a great system.